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We are pleased to announce that Priestly Demolition Inc. completes majority acquisition of Green City Demolition Inc.


CINCINNATI, Ohio Feb 13, 2023
Priestly Demolition Inc., (PDI) is a well-known leader in the demolition industry who have been recognized by their industry peers many times over, with awards from both the World Demolition Summit and The National Demolition Association. PDI has a reputation for taking on complex projects, demolishing iconic landmarks, and designing unique, environmentally responsible solutions.


Today, they are pleased to announce the Majority Acquisition of Green City Demolition Inc.  (Cincinnati, Ohio), facilitating the expansion of PDI USA from Virginia to Kentucky and Ohio. By joining the two companies PDI is creating a partnership that will enable both companies to expand their service offering, and collaborate on bigger, more diverse demolition projects.

“With an abundance of aging infrastructure, and big projects up for bid, we are confident that we can grow the business in a way that everyone will be proud of. We look forward to working with Dan and his team. They are well established, experienced, and all-round good people. The kind of people you want to do business with.” Said Ryan Priestly, President, Priestly Demolition.


“Joining forces with Ryan and the PDI team will give us the edge we need to compete in this aggressive marketplace. Now we can bid on projects that previously were out of reach. Knowing that we have access to engineers, industry experts, bigger equipment and additional resources is an exciting step forward for GC.” Said Dan Thompson, President, Green City Demolition Inc. 

About Priestly Demolition Inc (PDI)
Over the past 25 years PDI has learned the importance of providing cost-effective solutions that are safe, efficient, and above all else, completed with respect for the community and the environment. They have a clear understanding of how demo work impacts the local ecosystem and the people living in the area. 

Priestly has not only survived, but thrived from the challenges of working in a rapidly evolving and fast-paced industry. This is because they understand the life cycle of structures and design unique solutions for each  project, ensuring the job is completed on-time and on-budget. As a result, PDI continues to be a leading demolition contractor in North America. 

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